Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Sweet Baby Jace!

Where does time go?? I can't believe my baby is 9 months old. He has been such a joy to our family we love him so much! He is so content and happy. He was a more challenging newborn who turned into the easiest, fun baby ever. He makes everyone smile who see's him.
We love you Jace baby!

9 months old

My broken arm baby!

My favorite picture

Little angel

Santa's little helper

Dalton's Christmas present 2009!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Haslem Family Camping Trip!

Beckie and MJ beat me and Trent in tug-of-war. I totally blame Trent!!!!!!

Sami brought her friend Ivey and they insisted we brought Pepper along!

We had a great sight up in Cedar Breaks!

There were 4 babies under 18 months. So there was a lot of spoiled babies
being held for 3 days straight.

Cortney threw in her wagon last minute. It was a hit for the babies!

Justin and Nathan on Maddox's 4 wheeler. Justin loved driving it himself.
Thank goodness for the kill switch, he doesn't go slow!

We had a blast with my family up in Cedar Breaks for a long weekend. Everyone went including my brother Justin. It rained a bit, but everyone had so much fun! The kids rode the 4 wheeler's like crazy and fished at Panquitch Lake. It was so much fun being together. We ate way too much and stayed up around the camp fire way to late. That is the best part of camping! Jace did amazing camping with his broken arm. That kid is a trooper! Thanks to all my family for the great memories! I love you guys!

Tarzan at Tuachan!

Getting ready for the play to start!

The path up the the theater becomes a balance beam!

Trevor looks thrilled! He was tired and had Tennis early the next morning.
He was ready to go!

Grandma with her grandkids! We almost took Justin but than decided he needed one more year to be able to sit through the play!

Sami with the Gorilla character.

Tarzan was quite the hunk! Natalya asked him if he could bench Sami.

Norma tries to take us every summer to a Tuachan show. The kids love it and love eating the frozen lemonade drinks while watching. Thanks Grandma for the good time!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sami's Baptism Picture's

Where I have been slacking and not doing a blog this last year, I wanted to put some of these pics of Sami. I think she looks so beautiful! Sami was baptized last March by her dad. It was a wonderful day with all of her family around. We love her so much and can't imagine are family without her.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's try this again!!!!!!

This is Pepper! She is my kids's new best friend. We rescued her from the pound in July. I was so scared to get a dog but she has been great! She is one lucky dog!

My poor baby Jace broke both bones in his left forearm. This is him doing a funky crawl with his cast on! He is a trooper, I am so impressed with him!
Trevor and Sami heading back to school. Trevor is starting 5th and Sami is starting 3rd. I miss them during the day but it is good for them to get back!

Doesn't Trevor look super excited to be going back to school??

I am going to update more now! Having baby #4 did me in on all the extra's like blogging. Jace is now 8 months and we are so blessed to have him in our family! Thanks to anyone who checks up on us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sami B-day!

Sami and Quincy having fun swimming!

Crazy gals!

Sami has such great friends!

Whats a bunch!

Open presents got a bit out of control! =]

We made Valentine bracelets! They were way cute!

Sami cute posters for her party! Sami grandma saved me on a way busy week and had Sami over and made them together!

My sweet Sami Belle!
My baby girl is "7"!!!!!! I can't believe it! Sami is so sweet, social, funny and a bit crazy! She loves to be center stage. The tries so hard at everything and doesn't get discouraged. She is the best big sister and cousin! She loves Gymnastics and is really good at it! She wants to be signed up for everything and loves doing anything as long as she gets to be with her friends. The only thing Sami doesn't like is sitting still and being alone. She a girl after my own heart! I love you Sami Belle!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Can't they stay little!!!

Justin in his bed asleep! (At least for awhile than its down to mom's bed)

My big boy never gets to sleep to quick he hates to stop reading at night!

My Sami hits the pillow and is out in 1 minute.
I had one of those crazy mom moments wanting to be able to freeze time. This week Sami turns 7 and next week Trevor turns 9 years old and it always makes me nervous to think of them a year older. When I went to check on Sami in bed last night and saw her still a little girl hugging her doll while she was safe asleep in her bed, I felt so happy. I guess I can't freeze this moment but I love these wake up times that make you slow down and enjoy the moments!